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Vincent van Gogh

Contemporary Cuban Art

“Spirituality, politics, and innovation mold the very fabric of Cuban art. Beneath this surface are the complex and interwoven traditions of Africa and Spain, China and the United States.”
(Gail Gelburd, Ph.D, art Historian and curator; from ‘The Rubins on “What is Cuban Art?” ‘ by Jim Luce, © 2015, Inc.)

Gail Gelburd’s insightful comment marks an excellent departure point in the pursuit of contemporary Cuban art and artists. The reservoir of gifted Cuban artists with unique vision is deep and expansive. The cultural riches they bring to the art world at large have been just beyond reach for far too long…







We’re especially happy and pleased to welcome Ashok Sabata on board I Require Art as a special advisor.


Cheers to 2015!