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The many faces of spring always delight. See some of our favorites below in the slide show.

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Selma-to-Montgomery and Beyond


The New Yorker, PORTFOLIO: The Long Road
Photographs by Steve Schapiro
Introduction by David Remnick

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 ‘The series of marches there––the first was Bloody Sunday, a bloody encounter with a racist police force armed with bullwhips and cattle prods; the last, the fifty-four-mile procession from Selma to the State House, in Montgomery––pushed Lyndon Johnson to send voting-rights legislation to Congress. The nonviolent discipline of the marchers, the subject of a new film by Ava DuVernay, and portrayed here in Steve Schapiro’s photographs of the Selma-to-Montgomery march, became such a resonant chapter in the black freedom struggle that Barack Obama, in 2007, went to Selma to speak, at Brown Chapel, just weeks after declaring for the Presidency. Almost eight years later, as Selma is being commemorated, demonstrators against racial injustice are employing as a despairing slogan the last words of Eric Garner, an African-American man on Staten Island in the grip of a police choke hold: “I can’t breathe.” ‘(David Remnick,, © 2015 Condé Nast)



See you at the Armory Show!

We’ll be at New York’s Armory show today. A great opportunity to see all sorts of new things from all over the world.