Richard Diebenkorn: Selected works from his Berkeley period, figurative phase (c. 1955–1967)

This period of Richard Diebenkorn’s work, positioned between his earlier abstract expressionism and his later defining Ocean Park series, is particularly captivating. In these works, the excitement of both Diebenkorn worlds meld. Gestural brushwork, lush colors punctuated with occasional vivid stripes, curves, carry the emotion of the works. His figures are self-contained and seem incidental to the emotion of the works, yet are appealing in that emotional distancing. Scintillating and rich color, painterly surfaces, pulsate and  radiate an emotional warmth, heat. A heat that Diebenkorn brilliantly filters through a cool, controlled abstraction of form. In these marvelous works, reside the essentials of his Ocean Park series.

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