Joaquin Sorolla

What light! Palpable and alive — the winds, the boats, the bulls, the people at work and play — visual exultation at its finest.

The artist? Joaquín Sorolla y Bastida (Valencian Spanish, 1863-1923). His work centered mostly in his native Valencia and Madrid. This prolific artist’s subject matter varied widely and he enjoyed great popularity during his lifetime.

If, at first glance, John Singer Sargent crosses your mind, one understands. Each artist indulged in loose, lush brushwork and a bright palette in pursuing light. Each was a premier portrait painter. Each is associated with Velasquez as an artistic influence. And each produced a body of work that endures and still engages.


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As a footnote to my previous comment Monet said of Sorolla “He is the master of light”

I visited Sorolla’s former home,is which is now a museum dedicated to him and his work. It has been preserved pretty much as it was in his lifetime . As a painter of 40 years i was unaware of this master until recently . His work is completely breathtaking. Sorolla and Sargent where friends so its not surprising there are similarities

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