Art Basel 2016 (June 16th – 19th)

Yayoi Kusama, Self-Portrait, 2016

Art Basel 2016
June 16th – 19th
Basel, Switzerland

Art Basel is well underway. The art world’s 47th incarnation of its most prestigious fair, boasts over 280 booths from 33 countries and represented are over 4,000 artists. It is a huge global affair. Word is, that despite some poor economic indicators leading up to this 47th Art Basel event — particularly the disappointing New York spring auction results — and global economic and political uncertainties, overall sales are strong. Reportedly, there is a notable increase in active Asian collectors. For top collectors and connoisseurs, it remains the place to be.

And what a show! From an impossible number of stunning show highlights, here are several among the most popular:

— Jules Cavanaugh

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