To Prince Edward Island
Alex Colville
To Prince Edward Island
Alex Colville (Canadian, Magic Realism, 1920-2013): To Prince Edward Island, 1963.

'After the war, Colville forged a unique hyper-realist style that eschewed fashionable trends towards abstract and expressionist art ... From the early 1950s, Colville became closely associated with the American “regionalist" school of painting exemplified by Andrew Wyeth, as well as the American Precisionists of the 1930s ...

Colville’s images managed to elicit feelings of both contemplation and angst ...

“I see life as inherently dangerous. I have an essentially dark view of the world and human affairs," Colville has said. “Anxiety is the normality of our age."’

(Cassandra Szklarski, The Canadian Press, © 2010 - 2013 Postmedia Network Inc.)

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