Spring Fresco (detail, Swallows)
Ancient, Aegean Art
Spring Fresco (detail, Swallows)
Spring Fresco (detail, Swallows), c. 1650 BCE. Minoan fresco from Room Delta 2, Akrotiri, Thera, Greece.

"Nothing can last forever. Once the sun has shone brighly, it sets in the ocean. The moon wanes after it is full. Thus the ferocity of love often becomes a gentle breeze."

(Written in Latin verse on the wall of a house in Pompeii, Italy, 30-20 BCE.)

"It depicts the rocky Theran landscape before the volcanic eruption: clusters of red lilies with yellow stems dominate the red and gray volcanic formations, while swallows swoop above, alone or in flirtatious pairs, animating the scene and symbolically announcing nature’s annual rebirth." (© National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece)

Read more: http://www.namuseum.gr/collections/prehistorical/thera/thera01-en.html