Tomb of Ramose, Wall Carving
Ancient, Egyptian
Tomb of Ramose, Wall Carving
Tomb of Ramose, Wall Carving; 18th Dynasty, c. 1385 BCE. West bank at Luxor (ancient Thebes) (Valley of the Kings), Egypt.

"Ramose was a Governor of Thebes and Vizier during the 18th Dynasty during the reigns of Amenophis III and Amenophis IV (Akhenaton, the heretic king).

...The tomb was unfinished, probably because Romose started construction on a new one at Amarna when his pharaoh moved the capital to his new city. But because of these changing times, the tomb is significant in that the artwork begins to show the transition to the new artistic style of Amarna.

... Many scholars feel this particular scene represents one of the best pieces of ancient art to be found in the world. Every curl of a wig, bead of a necklace and soft fold of a garment is rendered in skilled detail." (© Tour Egypt)

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