The Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries)
Ancient, Roman
Villa of the Mysteries
The Villa dei Misteri (Villa of the Mysteries), c. 60 BCE. From the Sala di Grande Depinto (Great Hall of Painting). Well preserved fresco representing the ancient rituals of the Dyonisian mysteries in the ruin of the Roman Villa dei Misteri. Located approximately 800 meters northwest of Pompeii, in southern Italy.

The room appears to be a triclinium. (a room for dining; not to be confused with a modern dining room)

"Dining was the defining ritual in Roman domestic life, lasting from late afternoon through late at night. Typically, 9-20 guests were invited, arranged in a prescribed seating order to emphasize divisions in status and relative closeness to the dominus. As static, privileged space, dining rooms received extremely elaborate decoration, with complex perspective scenes and central paintings (or, here, mosaics). Dionysus, Venus, and still lifes of food were popular, for obvious reasons ..."

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