Cloud Gate
Anish Kapoor
Cloud Gate
Anish Kapoor (Indian-born British; Contemporary, Sculptor; b. 1954): Cloud Gate ("The Bean"), 2004-2006. Sculpture, stainless steel, 10 x 13 x 20 meters (33 x 42 x 66 feet), weight: 10 short tons (100 t; 98 long tons). Millennium Park, Chicago, Illinois, USA. © The photo image or artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

The Cloud:

"[Anish Kapoor] British sculptor of Indian birth. He was one of a generation of British-based sculptors who became established in the international arena during the 1980s and is prominent among his contemporaries for the quality of hermetic lyricism that permeates his work. He has acknowledged a bearing on his art of both Western and Eastern culture. The powerful spiritual and mythological resonances of his sculptures arise in part from frequent return visits to India." (

'Kapoor often speaks of removing both the signature of the artist from his works as well as any traces of their fabrication, or what he refers to as "traces of the hand". He aspires to make his works look like they have independent realities that he reveals rather than creates.

... Cloud Gate is described as a transformative, iconic work. It is similar to many of Kapoor's previous works in the themes and issues it addresses ... the sculpture's mirror effects ... help dematerialize this very large object, making it seem light and almost weightless ... By reflecting the sky, visiting and non-visiting pedestrians and surrounding architecture, Cloud Gate limits its viewers to partial comprehension at any time. The interaction with the viewer who moves to create his own vision gives it a spiritual dimension. The sculpture is described as a disembodied, luminous form, which is also how his earlier 1000 Names (1979–80) was described when it addressed the metaphysical and mystical.

... Kapoor often relies on tenets of Hinduism in his art, and says that "The experience of opposites allows for the expression of wholeness." Primal dualities that are one, such as the lingam and yoni, are important to Indian culture, and Cloud Gate represents both the male and female in one entity...

... According to project manager Lou Cerny of MTH Industries, "When the light is right, you can't see where the sculpture ends and the sky begins."' (Deirdre Fernand, 13 September 2009. "Anish Kapoor: Mr Big". The Sunday Times. Retrieved 4 August 2011.)

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