The Moon and its Echo
Antonio Berni
The Moon and its Echo
Antonio Berni (Argentinean, Assemblage, 1905–1981): The Moon and its Echo (La luna y su eco), 1960. Oil, plastic, metal, various materials on hardboard; 73 x 100 cm. © Antonio Berni. © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

'Argentinean artist Antonio Berni (1905–1981) was widely recognized early in his career as a leading painter and promoter of his own brand of "New Realism" in Latin America. But in the mid-1950s, motivated by the social distress and poverty he witnessed in Argentina amid social unrest and the country’s industrialization, Berni abandoned painting for assemblage.' (© Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.)

"Drinking Alone under the Moon," (Li Bo, Chinese Tang Poet, c. 698-762; Translation by Paul Rouzer)

Among the flowers, a single jug of wine;

I drink alone. No one close to me.

I raise my cup, invite the bright moon;

facing my shadow, together we make three.

The moon doesn't know how to drink;

and my shadow can only follow my body.

But for a time I make moon and shadow my companions;

taking one's pleasure must last until spring.

I sing — the moon wavers back and forth.

I dance — my shadow flickers and scatters.

When I'm sober we take pleasure together.

When I'm drunk, we each go our own ways.

I make an oath to journey forever free of feelings,

making an appointment with them to meet in the Milky Way afar.