Pablo Picasso in his Studio
Gyula (Halasz) Brassaï
Pablo Picasso in his Studio
Brassaï (Gyula Halász) (Hungarian, 1899-1984): Pablo Picasso in his Studio, 1939. © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

'“... Whatever I see and feel about people the camera sees" ... He talked of "a time, a place, a moment when a certain picture is possible and how if one fails then, one can no longer return to recapture it.

... Brassai’s photographs of Paris’ city streets and life have been hugely popular, and he was named the “eye of Paris" by his writer friend Henry Miller. Brassai is also famous for his portraits of other artists, among the most famous of them are portraits of Dali, Picasso, and Matisse.’ (Michael Hoppen Gallery, London)

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Book recommendation (excerpt from "Conversations with Picasso" by Brassaï):

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