Landscape at Cagnes
Chaim Soutine
Landscape at Cagnes
Chaim Soutine (Russian-French, Belarusian origin, Expressionism, 1894–1943): Landscape at Cagnes, c. 1923-1924. Oil on canvas, 55.2 x 38.1 cm. Pinacothèque de Paris, France. © ADAGP, Paris. This artwork or photograph is posted in accordance with fair use principles.

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"This was at the high-point of his celebrated so-called 'Cagnes Period,' a space of only a few years, in which he created a string of masterpieces that each lent to the landscape a pulsing energy that had hitherto been unseen in the history of art. For while the impasto and the sheer verve with which L'escalier rouge à Cagnes has been painted recall perhaps the landscapes of one of Soutine's predecessors, Vincent van Gogh ..." (© CHRISTIE'S)

His work represents an important precursor to action painting and Abstract Expressionism … Recent exhibitions have demonstrated the direct influence Soutine's meat still lifes had on Francis Bacon, evidenced by the presence of sides of beef in several works by the British artist. Similarly, the thick impasto of Soutine's canvases and his dramatically simplified rendering of human subjects show a clear link to the Art Brut work of Jean Dubuffet. (© The Art Story Foundation)