Four Indian Riders
Fritz Scholder
Four Indian Riders
Fritz Scholder (American, Contemporary, 1937-2005): Four Indian Riders, 1967. Oil on Canvas, 60 x 72 inches. Collection of Mr. and Mrs. William Metcalf. Photo: Walter Larrimore. © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

"The thing is to get the paint on the canvas. I don't care if you use your fingers, your rag, brushes, cardboard — it doesn't matter — it's getting that paint on the canvas. You get it on the canvas and you see what happens. It drips, it smears, it's thick or it's thin or you make washes. I consider myself a colorist. One color by itself isn't that interesting — it's the second color and a third color, and a dialogue starts and pretty soon you're swept up in it. You really don't know what's going to happen next." (Fritz Scholder)

"Fritz Scholder broke almost every rule there was for a American Indian artist. He combined pop art with abstract expressionism. He shunned the sentimental portrayal of traditional Indians and in so doing helped pave the way for artists who followed." (© 2014 NPR)

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'Fritz Scholder's mix of Expressionisism and Native American imagery is credited with revitalizing Indian art in the 1960s and '70s. His art is in ... the National Gallery and the National Museum of American Art in Washington, the Museum of Modern Art in New York ... style is well known for its distortions, explosive brushwork and vivid colors. His series of works explore the themes of Indians Fritz Scholder won the American Achievement of the Arts award... ' (Donna Rose, © Art Brokerage, Inc.)