Breathing Light
James Turrell
Breathing Light
James Turrell (American; Contemporary, Post-Minimalism, Light and Space, Installation; b. 1943): Breathing Light, 2013. LED light into space. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, California, USA. © James Turrell. Photo © Florian Holzherr. © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

"For me it was important that people come to value light.

... It took a while for me to learn to work with light so that you really felt its physical presence and came to value it.

So, what about color? How is it formed? Basically we feel when we look at the sky that we receive this blue, this color. This light, lighting the space in relationship to the sky outside would definitely intensify greatly the blue. There are a number of painters who have really intensified color by the surround or the context of a shape or area.

You could be not only looking at a painting or a work of art, but you're actually looking at yourself perceiving.

This world that we have around us is not a world that we receive, but more a world that we create, and make.

Now this seems a bit of a surprise because we really feel and we are very much attached to the fact that we are receiving these perceptions as opposed to creating them.

But we do create the reality in which we live." (James Turrell)