Kevin the Kiteman
Jordan Casteel
Kevin the Kiteman
Jordan Casteel (American, b. 1989): Kevin the Kiteman, 2016. Oil on canvas, 78 x 78 inches (198.1 x 198.1 cm). © Jordan Casteel. Photograph: Adam Reich. This artwork or photograph is posted in accordance with fair use principles.

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‘Amongst the never-ending, century-spanning talk about what art means—the ways it can impact society; how to define it—today's political climate has us looking to gallery walls with an even sharper eye. What is the artist's role in everything that's happening out there? Recording, parsing, distracting?

"If anything, for me, it has affirmed why empathy and the sharing of stories continue to be necessary," Jordan Casteel… ‘ (Leah Melby Clinton,, © Hearst Communications, Inc.)

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