Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 3rd arrondissement
Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre
Boulevard du Temple, Paris
Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre (French, 1787–1851): Boulevard du Temple, Paris, 3rd arrondissement; 1838. Daguerreotype.

"Believed to be the earliest photograph showing a living person. It is a view of a busy street, but because the exposure time was at least ten minutes the moving traffic left no trace. Only the two men near the bottom left corner, one apparently having his boots polished by the other, stayed in one place long enough to be visible. Note that, as with most daguerreotypes, the image is a mirror image." (

“... Daguerre (French, 1787–1851), a Romantic painter and printmaker most famous until then as the proprietor of the Diorama, a popular Parisian spectacle featuring theatrical painting and lighting effects. Each daguerreotype (as Daguerre dubbed his invention) was a one-of-a-kind image on a highly polished, silver-plated sheet of copper."

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