Wall Street
Paul Strand
Wall Street
Paul Strand (American, Photography, 1890-1976): Wall Street, 1915. Photogravure.

"[This image] did much to lead American photography toward sharp-focus realism as well as abstraction, toward urban subjects and the machine aesthetic." (Milton W. Brown)

'Paul Strand was an American photographer and filmmaker who, along with fellow modernist photographers like Alfred Stieglitz and Edward Weston, helped establish photography as an art form in the 20th century ... Stieglitz would later promote Strand's work in the 291 gallery itself, in his photography publication "Camera Work" and in his artwork in the Hieninglatzing studio. Some of this early work, like the well-known "Wall Street," experimented with formal abstractions (influencing, among others, Edward Hopper and his idiosyncratic urban vision).

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