Michigan & Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL, Series: Lights in Chicago
Satoki Nagata
Lights in Chicago (Series)
Satoki Nagata (Japanese, Contemporary): Michigan & Chicago Avenue, Chicago IL; 2013. Series: Lights in Chicago. Flash photography. © Satoki Nagata © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

"The camera captures the moment of the fraction of a second and I found that successful images show the multi-dimensional relationships of the world through symbolic and abstract forms. I found these forms in my photography. By searching for the elements that represent reality I see around me, I can capture them through photographic media. In my most recent work I see the light and shadow produced by flash is the pure form of reality of people living in the city. Inside the bright light line, the significance of existence of the person appears. The image is abstract and surrealistic but also full of life and personality. Transparent layerings are created by flash with slow shutter speed and no reflection is involved in these images." (Satoki Nagata)

"My photography is traditionally photojournalistic in approach. I want to make images that not only tell stories but also raise questions and encourage compassion. In my photographs, I am trying to find the symbolism that fills our world and compose my images with multiple layers. The result is a combination of documentary and fine art photography." (Satoki Nagata, from Leica-Camera.com interview)