The Illusionist
Sigmar Polke
The Illusionist
Sigmar Polke (German, Contemporary, 1941 2010): The Illusionist, 2007. Mixed media on fabric, 86-1/2 x 118 inches (220 x 300 cm). Courtesy Jennifer and John Eagle and the Rachofsky Collection. © This artwork may be protected by copyright. It is posted on the site in accordance with fair use principles.

"His irreverence for traditional painting techniques and materials and his lack of allegiance to any one mode of representation has established his now-respected reputation as a visual revolutionary." (Poul Webb)

"German painter. In 1963 Polke launched Capitalist Realism in response to Pop art, exhibiting the first works in this genre in Düsseldorf.

… Pop-related images, pictured in various combinations and in a number of techniques, became from this time standard elements of Polke's work. The scattered dots in more complex works form a virtually abstract pattern that makes the imagery almost invisible when viewed from near the surface. Graphic alterations help to increase this sense of unfamiliarity, blurring the boundary between the objective reproduction of reality and the subjective production of art.

… Polke's love of experiment, of abrupt stylistic changes and of contradiction, irony and mocking distance thus remained essential to his uncategorisable and innovative art. ("

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