Zao Wou-Ki
Zao Wou-Ki (Chinese-French, Abstract Expressionism, 1920-2013): 04.04.85, 1985. Oil on canvas. Private Collection.

'Zao's given name, "Wou-ki" (or "Wuji" in the standard Hanyu Pinyin romanization used in China), means "no boundaries." No single phrase better encapsulates the union in his person and art of the two often disparate cultures and aesthetic visions of France and China.

"French thought and Chinese thought are not the same … It's hard to translate between them. Sometimes you must wear yourself out trying to understand. Painting must express these feelings."

An artist friend once asked about my research. Hearing that I studied Zao Wou-ki, he grew suddenly pensive. "Zao Wou-ki," he mused, "his work isn't representative of either Chinese or French art." "Yes," I answered. "He represents himself, and that is enough." (Julia Grimes, Special to CNN. © 2013 Cable News Network. Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.)

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"Brilliant and lyrical, with emotional resonance and diverse meanings, these works impart new life and draw us into philosophical reflections about human life, history, and the universe. Few works can radiate this highest level of creative achievement more than the mid 1950s oils of Zao Wou-ki." (© Christie's 2013)

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